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Well here I am, in blog land…finally. Are blogs even a thing anymore? Will I keep it updated regularly? Possibly. I don’t have a solid plan in place for it just yet but hopefully over time it will be full of words and pictures from all my varied art interests. Stay tuned.

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  1. looking good Beth! the black and white photos on the opening page are fantastic! I know its tough to keep the blog going…I guess that’s why I took 2 years off! Hoping that if I say I will send out a newsletter once a month that I’m only committing to 12 blog posts! But I am cheering you on…your art needs to be seen by all!

    1. Thanks Amy! If nothing else it will serve as a good record for what I am working on through the years. I’m still looking for the setting that will send out posts to email addresses, it’s got to be in here somewhere. Good luck on your newsletter, I’ll be looking forward to reading it.

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